Deo Gratias — Northern River. In Memory, Jennifer Lang


Deo Gratias! Give thanks for a riverscape of rock and plunge pools.

For souse holes uncounted, tightly coiled eddies and noisy cascades. For the Nass River estuary itself where summer light glazes the mint-green surface. Where the current coils and tightens.

Give thanks for the wind-whipped stands of cottonwood lining the braided valley all the way to Meziadin. For the purple colour of the lava fields whose luminescence brightens the dull monochrome of rain season.

Deo Gratias. Give thanks.

Give thanks for the sound of the river in the switchbacks at Canyon City. Give thanks for the long strands of eelgrass. For the eelgrass combed straight by the current.

Give thanks for a changing view, as we stand to look from the boat, riverbank to riverbank, where the water falls in a hundred different ways.

Here, everything is as it is, one way or the other What does it all add up to, after all? Deo Gratias.

Gary Fiegehen photo of the Nass River

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